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Palatine Gallery Guided Group Tours

Rates include guide services, headphones for groups over 15 people, Museum entrance tickets, and pre-booking fees. Reserved entrance to the Museum - NO WAITING IN LINE. (No more than 25 people for group)

Palatine Gallery Tour

Palatine Gallery Guided Group Tour

The Itinerary: An itinerary that recreates the cultural climate at court during the reign of the Medici. The Galleria Palatina, a private collection of paintings owned by the grand dukes, is displayed in the official staterooms on the first floor of the Pitti Palace. The extraordinary decorations of the Planetary Rooms, designed by the great Baroque painter Pietro da Cortona, creates an overwhelming effect of frescoes and stucco. It forms a background of the superb exhibition of paintings from the Medici collections, including masterpieces by..

Starting-Time: 4.00 pm
Duration: about 2 hours
Availability: Only between April 1st and October 31st. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Language: English


Palatine Gallery Tour

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The price includes

The price includes the guide service and the pre-booked entrance ticket for the museum.

No waiting in line!

Our guides

All our tours are lead by expert guides authorized by the city of Florence.

The guides are mother tongue or speak the requested language very well.


Scheduled exhibitions inside the museum during the year 2013:

Palatine Gallery: from the 21st of May to the 15th of September “The Renaissance Dream”.

Palatine Gallery Guided Group Tour
Palatine Gallery Guided Group Tour
Palatine Gallery Guided Group Tour