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The Comments of our Customer

My partner James & myself took a guided tour of the Uffizi Galleries last Saturday with Mrs Sonia as arranged.
It was highly informative - Mrs Sonia certainly knows a great deal about art history. (Penny)

We prefer to see more monuments and less information, because you can read all the information on Internet, As tourist you don't know where you can find all the important buildings, that's why we had taken a tour guide.
The tour operator knows a lot about the history. She was perfect, even when the walky talky didn't work.
Last but not least, we have walked 2 hours in the rain. Conclusion: The City Walking Tour was too long for what we get.
Thanks and Best regards, (MISS Gerjo)

Accademia Tour feedback, We very much enjoyed the tour, kind regards, (Maciej)

We enjoyed both of the tours very much, even if we had to break up the last 20 min. "Uffizi" tour because my Hip problems.
With the best regards (Dr Eva and Robert)

Hello, feedback from our tour of Accademia Gallery:
it seemed a little disorganised a the meeting point, maybe if the person we needed to go to had a sign of some sort or a distinct shirt and sign?
The lady that took us through the gallery was great, gave us lots of great info about the pieces in the gallery. Not having to wait in the huge line was also well worth paying for the tour in advance.
We did enjoy the tour, thank you! - Cheers, Mel

We enjoyed the walking tour very much. Our guide was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. She spoke English well, which helped us very much.

We very much enjoyed your beautiful city, and we hope to return some day.
There was much we did not see because our visit did not allow us enough time. Thank you, William

It was a wonderful tour - one of the highlights of our trip.
Thank you. P. S.W.

It was brilliant; a very small group and a knowledgeable guide.
I am very deaf but Luise spoke really clearly and I was very pleased.
It was an ideal trip for the first day of our short visit.

The Vasari Corridor was amazing. Our guide was fantastic.
Much knowledge and made the experience an absolute delight. Expensive but worth the price to see the collection and have a guide who was so knowledgeable in art history.
Thanks for a wonderful experience, Sheri

The visit in total was nice and worth it. The audio guide system was a nightmare and rediculess. On top of it our guide was not able to speak into here microphone − no matter how often we asked here for. Also she didn't give us the impression really professionelly bring us in to the Uffizi Gallery so that we asked our self, why we did a booking − when it tooks as long to come in as if we queue up in th line for all the other tourists.
Kind regards, Lars

Hello, Concerning our recent tour at the Uffizi Gallery...
The tour guide was very nice, but unskilled in tour presentation. Her knowledge was very good, but the volume was difficult to hear and she began speaking about paintings and history prior to the entire group being in the room.
Overall, it was very difficult to follow her presentation and we were disappointed with the tour.

We very much enjoyed our tour of the Accademia Gallery.
Our guide was very knowledgeable and interesting.
We would definitely recommend the tour to our friends.
Sincerely, Harvey and Steven

We really enjoyed the tour and our guide was excellent.
The wheather could have been better, but you don't decide about that, do you?
Kind regards, Göran

I was the only visitor having this tour with the guide as a one person activity.
There was not any one with us. I had fun and learned a lot from my guide.
Thanks for your kind interest!
Best regards Nurdan

Very enjoyable and thorough tour. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide.
My only criticism was that she was too thorough in the early rooms so we ran out of time to look at the later rooms as thoroughly − Catherine

We enjoyed ourselves very much. The tour to the Uffizi Gallery and the Vasari Corridor was very interesting, the guide was very competent and could answer all of our questions and provide additional information.
Maybe the tour through the Vasari Corridor could last ½ hour longer? There are so many wonderful paintings, and it would have been great to learn more about this or that painting.
Best Regards, Bernd

We thought Mario's tour was pretty good. The only criticism that we may have is that he spent too long on the introduction immediately after entry into the museum.
Perhaps he can spend more time on the paintings rather than the introduction.
Otherwise it was a great tour.
Cheers − Kevin

The tour was generally very good. The only suggestion I can make for an improvement is that you always use the electronic devices for the tour.
The tour guide in the morning had a very soft voice and we missed a lot of what he said.
On other tours in Italy, the use of the electronic devices allowed everything to be heard clearly.

Dear Sirs, Excelent guide, Congratulations.
Best regards − JV

Our Tour guide was outstanding. She was gracious and patient with us, even though we had gotten lost and were late.
Because She knew so much about the art work and history, our tour was excellent.
I'd recommend her and your tours again.

Re Uffizi Tour feedback. The guide we had for this tour was excellent, she had a very good command of English and a deep passion for the subject. The way she explained the art was a pleasure to listen and we hope we can have again on our next visit in may next year!
We would definitely recommend her, kind regards, MW

I really enjoyed the tour. Our guide did a great job. I do think it could last maybe 30-45 minutes longer so that one can learn about the lesser works of art in the museum.
Thank you, Sandra

Thank you very much. It was a very nice organized tour. The tour guider is very knowledgable to every single painting and the history behind. Noty only that, sh knows the Europe history inside out completely. I beleive every one in the tour learning so much from her, especially my son and I.
We were very impressed by the tour guider's knowledge and patient. I will definetely tell every firends of mine to get the Uffizi Gallery tour.
It's educational, enjoyable, rich in culture, and knowledge sharing events combined. Thanks again for such a nice tour at Uffizi Gallery and thanks to the tour guider for me.
Howard − Canada

We like so much, the guide was fantastic. If the gallery was now so crowded will be better.
Thank you dear Florence Museum, in reference to your request for feedback on our recent walking tour experience.

We thoroughly enjoyed our tour mainly because our guide was so good. He was well informed and full of interesting asides about the city of Florence. It was value for money and we would have no hesitation in recommending it to others. Regards − Phil (UK)

We had a wonderful time. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and pleasant. She knew how to get the most out of the gallery in the time allotted. Thank you for a pleasant time. Chris

We enjoyed the tour and the guide was excellent. However I would make the following comments:
1) I could see no point in meeting in Piazza Republica. It was raining at the time and there is no shelter and it is quite a walk through the rain to the Gallery.
2) Some of our party were late and some did not show at all until we were actually in the Gallery.
This involved waiting around in the rain for even longer in the piazza than was necessary, and then further waiting whilst our guide finally found the missing party. I appreciate a little flexibility is necessary, but to wait nearly half an hour in the rain, and then wait again for the missing group to find us in the Gallery was, in my view, unnecessarily penalising the majority of the group.
Our guide tried to get permission to move off earlier but this was denied by the office.
I trust you find these comments useful. Regards − Richard

Unfortunately was my wife sick during our visit in Firenze, so I attended the tour alone, and I must say that it was a very good experience! Actually I never tried it before, but it will definitely not be the last guided tour I (we) will attend. I think that our guide was bright and professional and she told us about a lot of details, that was beyond standard mainstream information. I was very satisfied.
P.s. I was in fact so inspired, that I was able to re-tell most of the details and information about the artwork to my wife back at the hotel while we looked in the book I bought at the museum
:-) Kindly − Lærke and Carsten

The tour we took at Accademia Gallery was excellent. It was well organized and informative, and visiting with a guide provided historic and art commentary that made it a richer and more interesting experience.
Any bypassing the line to get in was a definite plus.
Best regards, Dorit

The tour was one to remember!
The art is spectacular! However, the tour was very, very long and the tour director's descriptions and analysis was almost "beyond us". She is very, very knowledgable. She has probably written books on much of what we saw. We would like to meet her informally upon our return next year, if possible.
We will check back with you then. Thanks very much for changing our tour day and time of the tour. Our hotel manager, Matteo Sorelli, was very instrumental in that arrangement and we were most grateful!. On our first try we had the time and day correct, but reported to the wrong place.
Keep up the good work! - Don and Betty

My tour was great; Sonia is an erudite and interesting guide. The Uffizi is an amazing museum and how fortunate we are in the rest of the world that the art has been preserved. Of course, all of Florence is a work of art.
Your reservation system has worked well for us twice; it is so pleasant not to stand in a queue. I wish all museums had an efficient system like yours.
I need to say one thing which has nothing to do with the tour: The cafe/terrace on the top floor was not nearly as pleasant and attractive as it was the first time we visited the Uffizi a few years ago. It might have to do with your construction which is understandable.
Not too important but your restrooms are great.
Thanks for asking - Nancy and Jerry

We hope you are all very well and want you to know we really enjoyed the tour "Florens in a Day"!
The efficiency right from the start with our contact through e-mail, your very skilled guides, so well educated, professional and very friendly was a joy to experience, it really made our stay in Florens!
We are planning to come back to Florens in the future and will defenetly book you again!
Thank you again for making our stay in Florens such a great memory!
Best regards, Brita and Gary

It was very well organised and the guide was very good, I would recommend her for a next visit. Regards − jl

It was excellent, we really enjoyed, please pass on our sincere thanks to your guide. Richard

We were very happy in general with the tour. Our guide was very well informed and gave clear information about the exhibits we saw.
We were a bit unhappy that we had to wait for about 30 mins for people who were late.
We made the mistake of going a bit too late in the afternoon so we didn't have as much time as we would have liked to just wander about. The headphones were great as well as we could move away from the guide and still hear quite well.
Thank you Anne

Everything was ok. I have no suggestions.
Thank you.

We truly enjoyed the tour during our visit to the Accademia.
The guide transmitted a lot of passion and knowledge regarding the art pieces and the gallery itself.

We regret we could not book one tour for Uffizi Gallery on time, but next time in Florence we would definitely do it.
Besides we would highly recommend to purchase tours/museums tickets on line to anyone visiting Florence.
Best regards, Lourdes

was disappointed in the tour - our guide while very nice but it was hard to understand her on those head phone sets in a large group. The only positive thing about the group was getting the quicker admission.
Next time I will look for a guide with no more than 6- 8 people even if it cost a lot more.
We had a fantastic tour w/ Francesca.
She did a great job! THANKS

The City Walking Tour was absolutely wonderful. Our guide was very knowledgeable, provided interesting historical facts about Florence and the area, and was able to answer all of the questions from our group. Our guide mentioned other points of interest we migh like to see while we were there as well.
He was very confortable using the english language. We would definitely recommend this tour to any visitors to Florence.
Kim and Connie − Canada

Dear Sir I liked very much the experience with your company. Everything was OK and I enjoyed the guided tour.
It was exacly what we were waiting for. I would recomend your assistance...
Regards − Claudio

We enjoyed the tour, but found the details of the art to much, we love history but for the most part the details were about the changes in style etc, over the years.
We found that side a bit long and would have liked to hear more about the history around the families that commissioned the paintings and why.
Thanks though. Uffizi was a great place to visit. Regards − Vaughan and Liz − (New Zeland)

We were very pleased with the tour of the Uffizi gallery. The tour guide was excellent. We would have liked much more time there, and we should have taken the trouble to read more background information before the tour. We should also have taken the tour after our visit to the Pitti palace (which we did over two separate days and still didn't see every thing we wanted to see) and that would have been a better background for the visit to the Uffizi.
So, basically we didn't have enough time to enjoy this beautiful place and its history. We need to come back.
Thank you for your interest.

My family has had a great time at the Uffizi. Our impression is the tour was very well organized and the information passed on to us during the visit well balanced, professional and valuable. Should you need additional info, please let me know.
Thank you very much and best regards, Milan (Serbia)

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